Interview with Stanislav ENE, Head of Information Technology, "Moldova Agroindbank".

MOLDOVA AGROINDBANK launch advanced remote banking facilities with "BankFlex multi-channel" solution

"Moldova Agroindbank" has set forward a target of massive implementation of the latest banking solutions in the year 2013, making it even more accessible to its customers, thanks to its electronic services performance. It has started using "Mobile Signature" service for remote banking services access. Keeping in view this objective, Moldova Agroindbank has overhauled its remote banking services by integrating these into a single, powerful platform - "BankFlex multi-channel".

The details of the new solution and all its benefits are listed below from an interview with Stanislav ENE, Head of Information Technology "Moldova Agroindbank".

- Mr Ene, what are the advantages of "BankFlex multi-channel"? The main advantage of "BankFlex multichannel" is that it has a unique architecture that delivers all logical, functional and operational aspects of internet, mobile, SMS, telephone and other electronic channel services on a single integrated platform. This solution allows integration with other external systems as well as remote access channels with lowest customization.

- Could you give more details about each option in BankFlex?

Through Internet channel of "BankFlex multichannel", bank’s clients can perform all transfers to/from current, deposit, card accounts in lei or foreign currency, schedule future dated payments, make payments for goods and services to specific agencies, perform forex operations, accounts status & enquiries, statements of accounts, and obtain information about exchange rates etc.

Mobile Banking - it is an exclusive service offered by MAIB. Through this, customers can perform the same spectrum of banking operations as for Internet Banking via their mobile phones. For example if you find that the card account balance is below the required level and need to extract cash, then go to Mobile Banking, top up card account from your current or deposit account, authorize transaction and immediately you can draw cash from ATMs or pay for other services using such payment card.

- What is the SMS Banking option?

SMS Banking option allows customers who do not have powerful phone with internet access, to benefit from a range of banking services that are available through the Internet and Mobile Banking. To avail SMS Banking services it is only required to send the request in the prescribed format to short number 6242 (MAIB abbreviation corresponds to the keypad which is unique for three mobile operators).

Another undeniable advantage of high-tech services: Internet, SMS and mobile banking lies in sending SMS notifications of each transaction to the customer. Thus, customers will be notified by SMS each time they connect to one of these services when they will perform a transaction, pay an invoice etc. There is nothing easier for an efficient management of money.

It is important to mention that the alert notification is also an effective tool made available to customers to prevent fraud.

- Must the client memorize all short message formats for the type of transaction?

As in other cases, frequent use of service allows you to know these commands in a short time. However, at any time by sending an SMS with the text "HLP" to short number 6242 you will get the list of all operation acronyms via SMS, for any specific operation help just append operation acronym to HLP. I would like mention that the subscription to SMS Banking can be done remotely through online application form recently launched by the bank.

- What are the other features of the solution?

Given the diversity of systems and equipment used by the customers, remote banking solution can be accessed using its most popular modern web browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera. The solution can be accessed from mobile devices (Smartphone, Tablet PC, etc) using modern web browsers running on them, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer Mobile (Windows Phone), Mobile Safari (iOS for iPhone, iPad), Google Chrome (Android) and Opera Mobile (some older phones). Obviously, the solution will be further developed taking into account the customer proposals, including new features, the possibilities of accessing through new devices and new web browsers will be added.

- Did you take care to ensure information integrity and security of transactions that can be performed online, particularly through 'BankFlex multi-channel"?

Of course, this is always the foremost aspect, so that client money is safe. In general, "BankFlex multi-channel" has a high degree of security, and the use of digital signatures, it is possible to use it for both authentication - (login), and the authorization of payments, which provides an additional degree of protection. Another feature is that it can be used to authorize transactions using authorization code (TAN) which is generated by the system and sent to the customer’s mobile or e-mail when the need for transaction authorization arises.

- It seems that the services offered by banks will gradually migrate into cyberspace ...

It is an essential process of "e-phenomenon" and the contemporary banking business. At Moldova Agroindbank, all remote services are organised in the "MAIB ON-LINE" box available on the homepage of the bank . In fact, "MAIB ON-LINE" now functions as a "virtual branch" for bank’s customers who can access services remotely from bank’s website to carry out lot many banking services without visiting the bank.

- What other services are offered by this "virtual branch" of the MAIB?

Besides those listed above, I would point out at the same time that a new electronic service is a convenient solution and very simple in use. The essence of the service is exposed in its name - the possibility to obtain statements of account for a day or time directly on your PC, iPad, cell phone, extract being protected with a digital signature that the client must have.

Electronic applications in banking at Moldova Agroindbank is a unique solution for our market, because we were the first and we are still the only bank in Moldova, which has provided its customers with the facility to authorise using Mobile Signature. As an innovative service that allows subscription to banking products in cyberspace - directly on the bank's website. Using "Mobile Signature" Bank’s customers can enjoy a range of banking services, such as subscription to SMS Banking service, application for reissue of bank card and application for credit card account closure. We can say with certainty that the range of services that will be available through the application of "Mobile Signature" will expand further.

Exclusive pictures of loved ones, nature images, important events in life, at work, in meetings with friends and colleagues - all can be implemented on a custom credit card through unique service offered by Moldova Agroindbank: Click Card. We present two types of custom design card: Visa Electron and Visa Classic Clic Clic, because you can keep the money as well as the best memories wherever you are.

Multifunctional terminals are already a common thing for everyone, they are a convenient payment solution for utilities and mobile operators, but these are still used very little for banking operations. Customers of Moldova Agroindbank now have easy access to high quality services and can operate through multifunctional terminals, including: cash collection in the current account; supply cash deposit account; supply cash account debit card, overdraft payment to card account, pay credit card debt, consumer credit and housing payment in accordance with the repayment schedule.

- In the future, you will come up with new solutions electronic banking?

"Moldova Agroindbank" has set forth the target of massive implementation of the latest remote service solutions. Thus, this year will be marked by the implementation of several intelligent solutions based on technologies being made available to bank customers to offer them the most comfortable and attractive banking conditions