BankFlex Channels
Large population in developing countries is unbanked and under-banked as these people do not have access to formal banking channels. BankFlex Everywhere Banking extends the reach of the bank instantly to the population anywhere in their country.

BankFlex Social Media Banking allows banks to be forward thinking enterprises and use these new age business imperatives to their advantage. This not only extends reach of the bank to these social media customers, but also enhance end-user experience, and maximise convenience.

BankFlex EASI Banking capability allows an easy and fully secure integration with any external accounting or ERP systems with banks processing system.

BankFlex KYC provides one of the most sophisticated, secure and fully compliant KYC in the market today. It is implemented using Omni-channels architecture and a configurable workflow which makes KYC quick and intuitive process for both the customers as well as the bank.

BankFlex Internet Banking has a rich secure interface, intuitive to use, and which can be re-organised by the customers to their liking simply through drag and drop operations. It is a modern technology solution which provides a refreshing experience to the bank's customers for their required day to day banking functions from the comfort of their homes and offices.

BankFlex e-Corporate is a complete internet banking solution for businesses. It comes with a comprehensive set of business transactions, with a fully configurable and easy to use entitlement and authorisation workflow.

BankFlex Mobile Banking is easy to use, yet a highly secure solution which brings banking to its users fingertips while on the move. This includes very slick device APPs based solutions; additionally complemented with a universal WAP based solution; basic SMS based secure solution; and a contactless M-Wallet.

BankFlex provides complete support for automated opening of M-Wallet, facility for top-up/auto top-up of wallet account, linking wallet account to billing account, integrating POS and payment from/to wallet accounts to third party wallet and normal banking accounts.

BankFlex Kiosk & Self-service Terminal extends the reach of the bank by converting existing infrastructure of bank’s service centres, branches and merchant centres into Business Correspondent points.

BankFlex SMS banking offers basic, quick banking via any mobile which is easy to use and secure. SMS Banking channel imbibes a number of safeguards which can be easily configured at bank and individual levels.

BankFlex Telephone Banking utilizes touch-tone facility of a telephone and allows Bank’s customers to use keypad on a touch-tone phone to enter an automated system and hear information on bank’s products and services... and do a lot more.

Using BankFlex ATM Banking channel, bank can extend its ATM network’s normal card oriented services to include a wide set of normal banking services such as inter account transfers, bill payments and any 3rd party payments.

A comprehensive, intuitive and highly efficient solution which allows Tellers an opportunity to capture further sales opportunities as he services customer’s banking transactions.

A modern solution designed to provide banks with efficient, highly secured and automated account opening process. BankFlex Open Account is workflow based and integrates with external systems for automated customer authentication thus enabling open account requests to be processed efficiently in real time.

BankFlex call centre solution allows Bank's call centre representatives to serve the customers over phone with high degree of efficiency and effectiveness and can perform various banking enquiries and payments/transfers on their behalf.

BankFlex Correspondent banking together with other channels like BankFlex Open Account, BankFlex Call Centre, BankFlex Teller, enables a bank to extend its banking services to an unlimited network of agents such as shops, hotels, post offices, with minimal investment resulting in rapid business growth.

BankFlex Personal Finance Manager (PFM) increases the financial awareness of bank’s customers providing them a visual insight into their income and expenses. Using PFM, customers can manage their finances more effectively.

BankFlex Workplace Banking enables the bank to nurture and manage highly lucrative corporate relationships by extending its banking services to the employees of its corporate clients.