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About BankFlex

BankFlex® is a leading omni-channel digital banking solution in the market today. BankFlex is owned and deployed by Eon Technologies Limited, UK.

Eon Technologies commenced its business in 1996. It is an independent, privately funded company backed by many years of invaluable experience in omni-channel banking. Eon Technologies specializes in mission-critical enterprise banking solutions. These solutions are being used by several leading banks around the world.

BankFlex has been designed by banking technologists who have invested hundreds of man-years in building this cutting-edge omni-channel banking solution. BankFlex is one of the most robust, modern and functionally rich omni-channel banking solutions. BankFlex has the lowest cost of ownership and 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Track Record

Our track record of implementing banking solutions with high quality speaks of our commitment to our clients. Our highly skilled and highly experienced team has successfully executed many prestigious banking implementations worldwide. Our well defined processes, tools and methodologies help us achieve high quality, consistency and efficiency.



Independence from the Same Core and Channels Provider. BankFlex liberates Banks from becoming totally dependent on their core banking vendor for all their operations.

Highly Flexible

BankFlex provides powerful and intelligence driven genuine omni-channel capabilities that integrate seamlessly across all channels.

Low Cost

Significantly Lower Cost of Implementation and Ownership. BankFlex is a modular and business process driven solution.

Speed to Market

BankFlex as a business tool dramatically improves bank's ability to respond rapidly to changing market needs and competitive pressures. Bank can use its rules based features to define and activate new products and business services within days.

Increased Sales

BankFlex delivers sales uplift by providing ability to cross-sell and up-sell bank's products through its intelligence driven conversation. BankFlex renders seamless interfacing with emerging intelligence driven solutions

Customer Delight

Intelligence driven personalisation capability covering quick and convenient usability, smart security, language preference, preferred accounts, limits, alerts, and much more


BankFlex is an ultra-modern nonstop omni-channel digital banking solution that empowers banks to rapidly maximise the value of their customer relationships through a modern, intelligence driven, flexible, secure and low-cost environment.

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Forward-thinking banks are clearly recognizing that digital transformation represents a critical evolution of new capabilities to enhance their competitiveness. Present day customers expect a high quality digital communication, elegant designs and interactive features. Digital banking is set to develop a vital new source of revenue growth and the innovations that are radically changing business models and redefining customer experiences.

Some of the key features of BankFlex omni-channel digital banking solution are:

  • Highly intelligent solution with personalised customer experience across channels, automated and smart management of security levels on detection of security threats/Frauds, straight through and work flowed back-office processing, dynamic load management, personal finance insights, conversational cross-selling of products, and many more.
  • One of the best available in the market which uses latest technologies & trends, BankFlex supports modern techniques like gamification and includes integration with social media sites.
  • Overtaking branch networks, BankFlex allows banks to engage with customers over number of alternative channels such as Internet banking, Mobile APPS, Kiosks & Self-service terminals and Anywhere banking to provide enhanced customer services and experiences, a lot more effectively and efficiently.
  • Omni-channel platform provides seamless end-to-end experience for customers with their bank.
  • Integration with enterprise accounting systems of their corporate customers allows banks to strengthen their high-value customer base.
  • A highly sophisticated solution for ensuring compliance with global and national bank regulations to eliminate money laundering.
  • Delivered with your specification of branding, styling and usability across myriads of devices.

BankFlex delivers and supports Everywhere banking, Social Media, Internet, eCorporate, Mobile (WAP as well as Device Apps), SMS, Telephone, Teller, Call Centre, Kiosk & Self Service Terminal, M-Wallet, Workplace, Correspondent, Know Your Customer, Personal Finance Manager and ATM banking solutions that are massively flexible across business products, creating a unified customer experience with significantly lower cost of implementation and ownership. BankFlex integrates with bank's existing Core Banking system and any other external systems such as Card Management System, Bill Payment System, Telecom Networks, SMS Gateways, Credit Check Systems, Third-party Security Systems, Payment Gateways etc. It allows your bank to respond faster to new opportunities and competitive pressure by increasing sales and improving customer satisfaction.

For banks the ability to strategically position themselves for future growth and to respond to increasingly intense competitive pressures is essential. Yet for many banks strategic ambition is constrained by outdated or inappropriate systems and technology. Additionally, finding a trusted technology and business partner to help specify, implement and support the roll-out of new products and new channels is often problematic.

BankFlex allows banks, with broken or aging systems to rapidly rollout a functionally comprehensive, modern and secure omni-channel banking solution.

With BankFlex Nonstop Banking, customers continue to bank even if one or more core systems become unavailable. Bankflex continues to provide full banking service seamlessly ensuring full integrity of all financial transactions. BankFlex eliminates the need to replace or upgrade legacy core systems which become unavailable due to nightly processing, or system/communications failures.

Designed by specialist banking technologists who have spent several hundred person years in building this cutting-edge retail banking technology which has been proven in leading banks worldwide and available on Java and .NET platforms, BankFlex is a highly configurable, secure, flexible, scalable resulting in exceptionally high returns on investment.

With a growing network of partners worldwide and with a state-of-the-art product and support centre based in India, the BankFlex Team has the commitment, experience and resources to understand your unique business requirements and to deliver and support an omni-channel banking solution that is tailored to your needs, faster and without fuss.

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BankFlex Partners

BankFlex technology partners are industry standard companies. BankFlex clients can thus be fully assured that with BankFlex, Banks are implementing the solution which uses well-proven technology of its technology partners.

BankFlex integration partners are some of the highly reputed global and regional information technologies companies around the world. BankFlex integration partner provides the banks with option of support on BankFlex available by a reputed company in their country/region.

Integration Partners

Technology Partners


BankFlex Solutions

BankFlex enables banks, with broken or aging systems to rapidly rollout a functionally comprehensive, modern and secure omni-channel banking solution.

BankFlex is highly configurable, flexible and scalable and is characterized by significantly lower costs of implementation and ownership in a highly secure environment. BankFlex is an ultra modern omni-channel digital banking solution that empowers banks to rapidly maximise the value of their customer relationships across multiple channels in a uniquely stable, flexible, secure and a low-cost environment.

BankFlex Channels

BankFlex incorporates Everywhere Banking, Social Media, Internet, e-Corporate, Mobile, SMS, Teller, Telephony and ATM Banking, just to name a few, that are massively flexible across business products, creating a unified customer experience with significantly lower costs of implementation and ownership. BankFlex enables the bank's business teams to respond faster to new opportunities, thus increasing sales, improving customer satisfaction resulting in higher profitability.

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BankFlex Platform

BankFlex Platform is a multi-tier framework of distinguishable, configurable and pluggable components and services. Primarily based on Service-oriented architecture using industry standard technologies, BankFlex Platform is architected to provide a highly secure, robust and efficient platform for all banking channels.

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